The management of FTS with 30 years of experience simply knows everything about yarns, polyester, nylon, cotton, all kinds of different blends of fabrics and yarns.

Breathable Softness Antibacterial Wicking Moisture:
The treatment of the fabric means that the fabric has been treated during the dyeing and washing process. Many companies that are not in the manufacturing business often cite various standards and qualities and brands owned by different companies to embellish the description of their garments. We select the fabric, take care of the knitting or weaving and ensure that only the best dyes are used in the finishing process.

Clothing made from yarns and fabrics selected by our production team to meet our customers' high demands.


Quality, design and innovation:
We use sophisticated designs with all the necessary 21st century advances to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use of our products.

To maintain quality, we manufacture all our garments in our dedicated facility without resorting to external manufacturing facilities.

Our management has worked together for many years and has the necessary experience to ensure that our products meet the highest standards.

Because all production is done in-house, we are able to add additional features to our garments while maintaining the classic look and keeping costs under control.

Customer satisfaction:
FTS customers keep coming back for three reasons: quality, design and value.

We plan to spoil you with our offer.